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The MAFH ripples are becoming waves.

After 6 months of operation, we are halfway through the year and are successfully transforming our ripples into waves.

What does this mean? MAFH members have spent long hours setting up and hosting educational events in Mauritius. These along with our first Fintech Academy blogs are part of our efforts to create interest in FinTech, and what it can do for Africa and Africans.

These efforts have led to us growing exponentially in a short time period, with developments in the works to bring internationally-recognised events to Mauritian shores soon.

This success has been possible through the hard work and ongoing support from current and new members all dedicated to putting the African FinTech ecosystem squarely on the global map.

Continue reading to learn about what is happening in the world of FinTech, discover upcoming events, and meet some of our newest members.

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A Word from the CEO
Dear fellow fin-atics,

Winter is not coming, it has arrived! To keep the momentum going, MAFH and the community have aspired to follow the motto of our ancestors, "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."
Keeping this front of mind, the MAFH family has grown to 29 during the month of June, and the positive feedback, interactions and responses, are keeping our onboarding team working superhuman hours.

Expanding on our pan-African mandate, we are in discussions for Mauritius to be nominated to the council of the African Fintech Network. These and other exciting initiatives have kept us busy this month, and look out for imminent announcements in the near future!

On the home front, we will be kicking off our Mauritius Fintech Ecosystem mapping project shortly, and I encourage everyone to participate in this, to showcase to the world the amazing entrepreneurs and businesses that we have in our ecosystem.

Till next month, let's keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible in achieving our goals and vision, as there is nothing that we cannot achieve together.

MAFH at the Africa Tech Summit 2019
We work together with our members to offer educational seminars and talks on a regular basis, with some open to all and others targeted at select industries such as regulators and financial professionals.

Of the many events set for July and August, we have selected this as our top must-attend.
For more information on these and other upcoming partner and member events, follow us on social media.

India Africa Entrepreneurship and Investment Summit
The Caudan Art Centre in Port Louis, Mauritius, will play host to the India Africa Entrepreneurship and Investment Summit on 16-18 August 2019. The India Africa Economic Forum in partnership with India Angels Network (IAN) and Africa Business Angels Network (ABAN) is organising an event in Mauritius supported by the Economic Development Board of Mauritius.

The summit will revolve around the topic of investing in Africa and the challenges and opportunities this brings.
Guests will gain insights from discussions about the way forward in creating a sustainable and expansive ecosystem that consists of symbiotic business-investor relationships.

India Africa Entrepreneurship and Investment Summit
New MAFH Team Members
Blockchain Meetup
In a talk dubbed ‘Across Africa with Bitcoin', Kofi (Frisco D'Anconia) spoke to 30 attendees about the practical realities of living on crypto and his experience and views regarding the African FinTech ecosystem, from the perspective of a FinTech practitioner.

Kofi spent the last 3 years living on Cryptocurrency and explained how he did it and his trials and tribulations. Kofi demonstrated how we don’t need to rely on the banking system or physical money to transact. He is a pioneer in the new form of transacting value.
Challenges for regulators and management businesses in Blockchain
A presentation aimed at providing regulators and management businesses with a basic overview of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

The event provided the 26 attendees with insights into what blockchain technology is and how it works, how cryptocurrencies work, and how regulations can catch up with blockchain technology. This was followed by an engaging open floor discussion.

The talk highlighted the links between regulations, budgetary announcements and political priorities, which gave context to the Mauritian regulatory and compliance environment.

Blockchain was explained in simple terms and the talk highlighted the importance of regulators, entrepreneurs & innovators sitting together to develop policies, not only to overcome current challenges but to lead the way for the adoption of Blockchain technologies.

SME Tech-Innov Conference 2019
The conference focused on the core challenges and opportunities that technology and innovation bring to the way that SMEs do business. It also acted as a platform to generate awareness of new technologies that are rapidly changing the markets and disrupting traditional business practices.

Our CEO, Michal Szymanski, was invited to take part as a keynote speaker and discussed the benefits of a cashless economy for startups and SMEs, and highlighted both the benefits of a cashless economy for Mauritius and how these benefits will grow Mauritius.

MAFH member Spotlight
Mobile money is a big step towards creating financial inclusion, but how do we achieve this if half of humankind is still offline, with a large portion being in Africa?

Find out how a USD 20 phone can bring a billion people online.


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Article: Inspiring Africa Through Mobile Technology
FinTech has seen great amounts of innovation since its inception in 2008 after the global financial crisis and the game-changing opportunities that came along with the smartphone.

With early FinTech innovation mainly benefiting the consumer, we are seeing a shift in the trend with more benefits coming to the business sector and investments being placed into B2B startups.

Find out more about the 3 current trends happening in FinTech at Entrepreneur.

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We recently released our first two blog posts in a series that will see a lot more useful content added to our website. Having looked at the information available about FinTech, we realised just how little valuable and relevant information there is on the subject for those who aren’t already in the know.

This in turn leaves people with a lack of understanding, or worse yet, a misunderstanding of many key FinTech concepts. With this need in mind, we wanted to create content that will enable our readers and potential FinTech enthusiasts to better understand the space and its opportunities.

If you didn’t already catch them, read our first two blogs, FinTech Academy: What is a Regulatory Sandbox , and FinTech Academy: What is FinTech? A Whirlwind Tour
If you have any questions about FinTech or want to propose a topic that you or the FinTech community would like more information about please send them through to us at
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Through hard work from our team and valued support of our members, we now have 28 members as part of the MAFH family. Below, you will find information on 2 of our newest members.
Ndimesions Labs Africa Ltd logo
Ndimesions Labs Africa Ltd
If you are looking to move your business into the world of web-apps, and the ever growing realm of e-commerce, Ndimension Labs might have just what you need.

They are a global IT leader in software development, having noteworthy partnerships with Google, Microsoft and IBM. Specialising in global digital business consulting and technology outsourcing, Ndimension develops and markets world-class web apps, mobile apps, customised portals, cloud solutions, blockchain and AI solutions, ERPs, CRMs and Analytics.

At their core, Ndimensions is a community-centric and impact-driven tech solutions business that believes in working alongside other businesses to achieve goals and to ensure valued contribution to the FinTech community in order to accelerate evolution in the space.

MITCO logo
Mauritius International Trust Co Ltd
Do you want to develop your amazing product or service but admin and the day-to-day management keeps getting in the way?

Mauritius international Trust Co Ltd, often referred to as MITCO, is a management company that positions themselves as their clients partners and advisors, offering services such as business structuring, set-up, administration compliance, professional outsourcing and act as a back-office.

MITCO’s staff has extensive international experience as well as long standing relationships with worldwide businesses and partners, that help them to achieve the organisation’s main goal guiding their clients projects and providing reengineered and restructuring solutions geared towards being adaptable in changing environments, through business analysis.

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MAFH member Elli
Head of Marketing & PR: Elli Yiannakaris
The team recently welcomed Elli Yiannakaris who will be supporting MAFH’s marketing and PR activities while the MAFH team finalises recruitment of the Head of Marketing and PR.

Elli is a youth entrepreneurship specialist and business mentor with over 10 years of experience in the entrepreneurship field. She holds honours in Business Science from the University of Cape Town (UCT) and is currently a master’s in commerce candidate at UCT in the field of youth entrepreneurship.
Elli served as the director of the Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development at the UCT Graduate School of Business and is a business coach on the Red Bull Amaphiko Programme which supports entrepreneurs in various sectors.

Elli's Fintech experience includes being a contributor and presenter for UCT's upcoming 'Fintech in Emerging Markets' Massive Online Open Course (MOOC).

Recognised as an international thought leader on entrepreneurship through her presentations and publications, and for her leadership, work ethic and passion for supporting people and businesses to reach their full potential, Elli is most excited about the opportunities that FinTech provides in terms of financial inclusion in Africa.

She is looking forward to learning more about FinTech innovation and progress in order to help spread the word about MAFH and to expand the FinTech ecosystem using her entrepreneurial expertise.

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